Building A Culture of Safety

Safety First Culture

Manito Transit is deeply committed to safe, on-time transportation of bulk products, going the extra mile in putting safety first.

A culture defined by our genuine concern for safety in and out of the tractor

Manito Transit LLC is a bulk transportation trucking company with an excellent track-record of safety. Execution of safety procedures is used throughout the company to achieve precision in everything we do resulting in on-time perfect service and performance for our customers. Our thorough background and safety checks ensure that we are hiring the best. We have regular Safety Training and annual Compliance Training to ensure these things are top of mind.

Our maintenance program is unmatched with most tractors 3 years old or newer. Our power units have been ordered and designed for driver comfort, maximum payload and high image visibility. The safety features include, antilock brake systems, electronic stability program/roll stability. We have installed out facing camera’s to help coach and guide our drivers to be the best. We will also recognize drivers for outstanding driving skills and preventing an accident. Our CSA scores speak for themselves, as we are well below the national averages in each category. Our aim is to keep everyone safe on the roads returning to families each and every day.

Our logistics solutions go above and beyond the proper handling requirements to guarantee the safety and integrity of our drivers and your products. Our transportation includes fuel oil, bio diesel, soybean oil, ethanol, chemicals, lubricants, grain and fertilizer for farm, commercial, and industrial use.